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If you are putting in a water feature for your backyard or office, you will need a pump to circulate the water. There are a lot of options to choose from, but Tsurumi pumps provide unbelievable quality and an exceptional warranty. Having a pump for your pond or waterfall is an important part of its functionality. For instance, individuals that raise koi depend on the pump to recirculate the water ensuring that there is plenty of oxygen and reducing the amount of algae. Tsurumi pumps offer a reliable product that is available in a variety of sizes.

Because it is so important for the water to be recirculated in your pond, purchasing the proper size is essential. This is especially true for koi ponds. In fact, you can judge the Tsurumi pumps to purchase by looking at the amount of gallons of water that are recirculated per minute. If you have a koi pond, all of the water should go through the pump within an hour. This means that larger ponds may require multiple Tsurumi pumps to get the job done.

The Tsurumi pumps come in several sizes and are submersible. The pumps are rated by the horsepower or HP and the gallons of water recirculated per minute. The higher the HP the more water will be recirculated. The Tsurumi pumps include a 1/2HP that is 115 volts and 2” – 70 gallons per minute (gpm), the 1/3HP also 115 volts at 2” – 60 gpm, the 1/5HP 115 volt option which provides 2” – 50 gpm, and the largest option is 1HP at 115 volts with 2” – 90 gpm. The different sizes allow you to choose the right pond pump or combinations of pumps for your needs.

A great way to save money on Tsurumi pumps is to purchase reconditioned products. These pond pumps have been expertly repaired and ready for you to use. A reconditioned product is a good alternative if you are just starting your pond and want to get the most for your money. Schaaf Equipment offers a variety of Tsurumi pumps in all sizes. In addition, you can purchase other equipment including new pond pumps.

In addition to selling new and reconditioned Tsurumi pumps, Schaaf Equipment is an authorized warranty provider. The process is extremely easy. Simply visit the Schaaf Equipment website and visit the link for Pond Pump Warranties. Here you will complete a simple form and a qualified professional will contact you to arrange your warranty service. The Tsurumi pumps warranty service works just as well as their pumps. Among the inventory at Schaaf Equipment are float and diaphragm switches.

Schaaf Equipment is proud to provide warranty service for Tsurumi pumps. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best service and products possible. Whether we are providing warranty work or helping you choose from our inventory of reconditioned Tsurumi pumps, we want your experience to be pleasant and professional. Schaaf Equipment also sells other items required for maintaining your yard or even large construction projects. Please contact us today to learn more about Tsurumi pumps or any of our quality products.

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