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Outdoor living is a popular way to expand the square footage of your home without spending tons of money on costly renovations. If you live in a noisy area or want to create a more serene environment a water feature is a great solution and pond pumps will play an important role. Water features come in a variety of forms from just a simple pond with plants, a koi pond filled with fish, or a breathtaking waterfall. Each of these options relies on pond pumps to recirculate the water.

Your outdoor living needs will vary depending on what you want to accomplish. If your goal is to drown out the sound of traffic and neighbors, then a waterfall using pond pumps is a great solution. Not only will the cascading water help to quell the roar of traffic, it offers a very relaxing environment that is perfect for meditating, doing yoga, or just unwinding with a glass of wine after a long day. You may not have any noise issues, but you may want to explore the world of having a water ecosystem in your own backyard. In order to create a wonderland that will attract wildlife, you will need to create a living organism that includes pond pumps to circulate the water and provide oxygen for plants, turtles, fish, and even frogs.

If you would like to have a beautiful backyard with a host of fun pets, then a koi pond is a great way to start a new hobby or get the whole family involved in the process. You will need to purchase pond pumps to help the fish thrive. The best part about koi is their ability to recognize people and associate them with feeding time. Before you know it, your new guests will literally be eating out of your hand. It is important to purchase the right size pond pumps to ensure your koi are in a healthy environment. This will allow them to flourish and grow to amazing sizes with the right size pond.

One of the most popular pond pumps is the Tsurumi pump. It comes in a variety of sizes to fit any water feature and will work with waterfalls, as well. The Tsurumi offers an excellent warranty that is serviced by qualified vendors. Schaaf Equipment provides warranty service for Tsurumi pond pumps. In addition, they are licensed to sell reconditioned pumps at a great price. If you are just getting started, a reconditioned pump is a wonderful way to get a quality product without spending as much money.

Schaaf Equipment makes warranty work for Tsurumi pond pumps easy with a simple form that can be filled out online. We are also an excellent resource for other pond equipment, such as diaphragm and float switches. In addition, we sell a variety of tools, pumps, generators, and other equipment needed for any type of project. To learn more about pond pumps or to purchase a Tsurumi reconditioned product, please contact us. We have a staff of professionals available to answer any questions you might have to ensure your backyard is the oasis you want it to be.

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