Koi Pond Maintenance & Pond Pump Selection

A koi pond is a great way to turn your backyard into a tranquil escape. Koi are amazing fish that come in a variety of colors and can grow to extraordinary sizes. The ponds come in a large selection of sizes and shapes. They can be custom made by professionals or installed yourself as a DIY project. However, there are some things that every koi pond will need.

Obviously, your koi pond will require fish. You can purchase koi from a breeder or from a rescue group that save the fish when an owner is no longer able to care for them. In some cases, the original owner has too large a population for the size of their koi pond, so the rescue group will come in and cull (or capture and remove) some of the fish.

In addition to fish, your koi pond will need the right equipment to maintain a healthy environment for your new pets. For instance, the water must be tested on a regular basis to ensure the chemical balance is right to keep the fish healthy, while still allowing them to get as large as possible. One necessity for any pond is a pond pump and filtration system. The pump will circulate the water to keep the water oxygenated and help prevent the build-up of algae. The filtration system is used to remove waste and other impurities. There are other options you can add to lower the amount of maintenance required, such as protein skimmers and ultraviolet sterilizers.

Tsurumi Pond Pumps are one of the most popular choices for kinds of ponds. This is particularly true for the koi pond because it offers a range of sizes, plus an excellent warranty with local service providers. For example, Schaaf Equipment offers warranty service and sells reconditioned Tsurumi Pond Pumps. Purchasing a reconditioned koi pond pump like Tsurumi is a great way to save money, when you are just getting started.

Another factor to consider when designing your koi pond is the size. Most people find that the first pond is too small, so they are forced to spend more to upgrade. This would also require you to purchase a new pond pump, as well. Therefore, experts recommend that you go with the largest koi pond size possible, so you avoid the expense of expansion in the future.

A larger koi pond will allow you to collect a larger variety of the fish and have a larger population through breeding. However, you want to ensure that the pump is a suitable size for your pond and that you check the water readings on a regular basis. The proper pump should be able to process all of the water in your koi pond within an hour. If it is unable to handle this task, then it should be upgraded to a larger model. Even though the water is recirculated using the pump, you will need to replace 10% or more of the water on a weekly basis to maintain a livable environment for your koi. Individuals that live in a cold climate may require additional equipment, such as a heater for the entire pond or a cattle trough heater to ensure the koi pond doesn’t freeze over during the winter.

If you are looking for a reconditioned Tsurumi pump for your koi pond or need warranty work done, Schaaf Equipment is happy to assist you. We have a wide variety of equipment available on our website, so feel free to contact us for more information or assistance.

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